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Take action. Connect your company.

Elevate and manage your employee experience in one centralized hub.

CUES provides your business and managers with the tools to stay ahead of trends and moments, reimagining how you recognize your team.

A fully integrated suite of recognition products

One solution for your business and your people

Prioritize and consolidate organizational communication

Tailor notifications that engage your workforce

Ingest real time employee feedback

Create repeatable processes that mold the employee experience

Celebrate the wins that make your business special

Key Features

Recognition tools & alerts

Immediately digest and react to the most important moments that happen each day. Never miss an important milestone for your company, employee or customer with CUES.

Data driven alerts

Identifying trends and patterns in the data of your business can provide valuable insights to inform decisions and improve overall performance.

Automated recognition

Save time by turning on trigger based messages and gift cards to make sure that you never miss a moment. Have peace of mind knowing every important moment is accounted for, every time.

Contests & leaderboards

Contests motivate your team by creating a sense of competition and camaraderie. Leaderboards provide transparency and recognition of efforts, fostering trust and engagement.

Invest in your team, reap the rewards

CUES has helped clients across various industries improve their bottom line by fostering a positive work culture and recognizing the contributions of their team.

The average ROI companies have seen when implementing employee recognition programs.


Companies with highly-engaged employees experienced 2.5 times higher earnings per share compared to companies with low employee engagement.


The decrease in quality defects companies saw with recognition programs in place.


Automated tools to recognize employee milestones. The CUES automated recognition tools save time by removing the need for manual tracking, making it easy to recognize a large number of employees and create a culture of recognition within the organization.

Real-time insight on the data that matters to your business. With access to key metrics and trends in real-time, quickly identify and address any opportunities or issues as they arise.

Performance trends alerts and tracking. Whether you're looking to improve sales, optimize marketing efforts, or streamline your workflow, our app provides the insights and alerts you need to make informed decisions and drive growth.

Increase scalable culture. Utilize CUES as your professional culture tool, and scale the recognition you are able to provide, no matter the headcount of your company.

Experience peace of mind and save time.

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