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We Ignite Employee
Performance & Enrichment

We know that employees are happier and perform better when they are recognized and rewarded for the work they are accomplishing. Our technology makes sure that you never miss the key moments when you need to recognize and reward.

We Exist To
Solve Problems Like

$1 Trillion

has been lost by U.S. businesses to voluntary staff turnover each year 


of employees are more likely to stay at a job if they clearly understand their goals & how they make their money 


of companies say retaining employees is actually harder than hiring them

4.5 Million

workers quit their job last November 

Our Story

Our founders, Judge Graham and Nick Sunderman have competitiveness and the desire to win built in their DNA. Both are former athletes and successful entrepreneurs that have built and sold large businesses, which combined have generated over $1 Billion+ in organic sales.


They both attribute their success to creating high- performing teams that had visibility, encouragement and were rewarded in the success of the companies. They created CUES because they know that great companies can not be built without great people and that great people need to be recognized, motivated and rewarded. 


Great People Wanted

We are always hiring for the following roles:
Data Analyst, Software Developers, UX Designers,
Account Service, Support and Sales.