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Accomplish more. Instantly.

Take care of the people that take care of your customer.

Instant Payments

Send and receive
payments instantly

Cashback Rewards

Receive cash back offers the more you recognize and reward your team

All-in-one Platform

Connect with your team through a language they can understand. Money.


Faster Pay, Your Way

Instant Payments, Cashback Rewards, and Seamless Communication for Businesses and Employees. 

Solutions for a seamless and secure financial experience.

Accelerate Employee Payments Now

Pay employees instantly, with speed and flexibility while making bonuses, stipends, reimbursements and more a breeze. 

Skip the Banking Hassle

Use your CUES Card to reduce reimbursement delays and cut down on expense-related administrative burdens 

Communicate & Motivate Effectively with Transparent Team Alerts 

Open top-down communication channels to effectively incentivize, motivate, and mitigate risks. Ensure secure communication and transparent alerts regarding incentives, payments, and spiffs for your team. 

Victor Rancour

My team has one focus: money. And what they care about even more than money is getting it now. CUES understands that. The more payments I run through the platform, the more money I make, thanks to the cashback rewards.

Morgan Morales

CUES allows me the control and flexibility to manage my finances the way I want. I don't have to worry about banking or banking fees when receiving my payments.

Reid Glaze

CUES allows me to make company reimbursements with ease. The mobile app features streamline everything for me. It's not just a platform; it's my go-to for efficient, personalized company management.

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Empower your people with payments.

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