Our Plans

We're breaking the software pricing model.  Our monthly plans include EVERYONE in your company, and you will not be charged per user.

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Cues Lite

(entire company access)

• Birthdays

• Work Anniversaries 

• Company Holidays

• High Fives™

• ResCues™

• Reviews

• Pulse Surveys

• Send Gift Cards



Enterprise Customers
(entire company access)

• Everything in Culture Cues

• Monthly Contests

• Live TV Leaderboards

• Full-Service Incentives

• Swag Boxes

• Employee Flight Risk Notifications

• Employee's Best Day/Month/Year

• Key business metric notifications


How does it work?

As soon as you sign up our team schedules a kickoff call to get you onboarded.  On average we get companies live within a couple days.


What if I need support?

We have an entire support team that is available via call or email to help.


Is it really all one cost to cover everyone in my company?

Your monthly cost covers all your employees weather you scale up or down, you pay the same low price.


What kind of results should I expect?

On average after 90 days+ on Cues our customers see 30%+ increase in KPI’s and 70%+ employee retention increase.


Can I cancel?

You can cancel anytime, but we doubt you will.  ☺

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