5 Ways To Recognize Your Workforce

Updated: Mar 3

And just like that, the new year is in full swing. Business is moving fast, something we can all be grateful for but it’s important to remember the reason our business stays afloat.

As we reenter the grind of a full fiscal year, recognizing the moments that make your business successful is essential to continued growth toward your ultimate goal. Here are a few tips from the Carrots team to help recognize your workforce, keeping them engaged and motivated 24/7, 365.

Utilize your company communication channels

Whatever tech your company uses as a communication tool, they are paying a lot for it for a reason. Utilize that technology to its full capacity. Encourage peer to peer recognition by leading by example. If management is constantly recognizing those who are doing an outstanding job, those habits will trickle down to every facet of the company. Research shows that managers failure to recognize employees sooner lessens the likelihood that the affirmations will be taken seriously. Make sure to shorten the timeframe between goal achievement and proper acknowledgement by making use of the communication channels available.

Lean on peer-to-peer recognition

We always emphasize the importance of people as the most important resource at your firm. Engagement is fundamentally facilitated from the top down but maintained by whole organization; bottom to top. What this means is that organizational culture is built by the founders of a company but as your company grows it is critical the employees buy in to that culture you rest your hat on. So lean on your workforce, encourage peer-to-peer recognition and let that momentum build organizational culture.

Utilize your social accounts

Retweet an accomplishment, share an Instagram story that highlights an outstanding employee, post to LinkedIn often. Utilize the platforms that your social accounts give you to recognize employees for their hard work. It’s a small task that can go a long way.

Be inclusive with praise

Do not be shy to hand out praise. Whether that be at a Monday meeting or Friday cocktail hour, share the love when it comes to accomplishments at your business. When someone has completed a task, make sure they are included when mentioning that finished product. In the same vein, a manager who never dishes out credit can create discontent. Accomplishments are there to be celebrated, so make sure everyone feels the recognition through whatever channel your company deems necessary.

Be spontaneous

Don’t let recognition become a mundane event. Be spontaneous, be exciting. Is the vibe in the office down for whatever reason? Take the team to a happy hour, buy them lunch, and thank them for their hard work. Negativity breeds negativity, so nip that in the backside with spontaneous acts of kindness for your dedicated workforce.

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