Spotlight: Centre

Updated: Mar 7

This month’s customer spotlight takes us to the world of retail. Centre Texas, a client of Cues since early 2020,

is a brick and mortar branded clothing and sneaker store in the DFW and Austin metro areas. We asked manager of the DFW stores, Johnny Powell, how Cues has made a difference for them. “Retail is an especially hard business to instill a sense of culture in your employees. A super diverse base, from a lot of different backgrounds. Cues has really helped us with that through the contests and incentives, just having everyone aware of what they're working towards and show them that it's more than just their store.”

Johnny went on to say that Carrots has really helped his managers be the best they can be, “knowing what needs to happen every day is really nice for them, a lot less guessing is going on.” That’s what Cues is here to do!

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