5 Ways to kick off 2022 on the right foot

Updated: Mar 7

New year… new me. Or should I say new business me. Welcome back to the Cues Newsletter, and with the Holidays in the rear view here are 5 tips to ensure a productive new year.

Set reasonable expectations, then stick to them

Often when we begin the new year, we make resolutions for ourselves. But did you know that according to a Scranton University study only 19% of individuals stick to their new years’ resolutions. This is for a multitude of reasons, the most notable being that we set expectations that are just too high, and then when we fail to meet those expectations we are let down. The same can be said for business goals and expectations. Heading into Q1 its important to set reasonable goals for the new year, but once those are set in stone; it’s time to get after them.

Update marketing campaigns

A new year means a fresh start on most of your firm’s campaigns, and nothing more important than revamping your marketing. The new year is also a great time to update your company’s digital appearance. Logo and website updates are necessary but a grueling process and few and far between. The new year is a perfect opportunity to get these processes up to speed, while there aren’t thousands of other projects in place.

Reflect on last year

You accomplished a whole lot last year, make sure to think about how you and your team stacked up all those W’s, and then try to find ways to do that even more efficiently and effectively moving forward. Conduct a SWOT analysis on the prior year, what went right, what went wrong, and how to continue to improve in your quest to grow your business.

Nourish key relationships

Make sure to recognize the loyal customers and partners who have helped you throughout the last 12 months. Take some time to water those relationships and look to expand and entrench them even further in 2022.

Run a contest!

Kick off the new year with some healthy competition and run a contest powered by Cues Technology. Contests enhance the workplace competition putting immediate skin in the game on day 1 of the new year. Gamification of the workplace is shown to enhance results, so what better time to merge contests into your company’s existing culture than the new year.

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