We Help You Retain Your Top Talent & Grow Your Business

  • Live employee score cards and department leaderboards

  • Run contests that deliver incremental revenue

  • Send gift cards to employees, customers, and prospects

  • Visibility into employee performance and pacing

  • Never forget an employee's birthday or work anniversary again

  • Know when an employee beats their best day, week, month, and year

  • Get real-time notification on the metrics that drive your business

Watch how Victor Rancour used CUES to help him grow the largest privately held HVAC company in southern California.

On average it costs you $60k
every time you lose an employee.

Source - The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)



We started CUES to fix the above costly employee attrition reality. You spend so much time and money recruiting and training that it is critical to keep your top people and our solution ensures just that.

Below are average results we see for our home service partners:

CUES is a simple software solution that connects directly with your CRM and requires no training.

We are the only solution that focuses on employee growth and retention, which in

turn deliver happy customers and more profitable businesses.

What you get

CUES offers 5 main core features that are all designed around

helping you recruit, retain and engage your employees to make them

happier, motivated, and delivering more results.

Alerts and Broadcasting

Recognition and communication are vital to growing and keeping your top talent and our alerts and broadcast system ensures that you never miss a moment that matter to recognize, reward and communicate with an employee when needed.

  • Never miss an employees' birthday or work anniversary

  • Alerts when an employee beats their best day/month/year

  • Be proactive vs. reactive with end of day metrics

  • Send out company wide, departmental, or individual messages

  • Send out high-fives and gift card to recognize and reward


“Getting notifications on key business and employee metrics in

real-time has probably allowed me to 2X how fast I can to optimize my business."


Matt Vitti, CEO - Ideal Temp Heating & Cooling

Gift Cards

Imagine being able to send a gift card to anyone at any time. Show any employee that works a long shift on a holiday that you care by sending them a Bass Pro gift card. Send a valued customer a steak house gift card for making a big purchase. Entice someone to sign up for a membership with a Starbucks gift card.

  • Use for employees, customers and prospects

  • We have access to the largest gift card engine in the world

  • Send cash cards, charitable donations, flowers, restaurants, retailers and much more


“CUES ensures I never miss a moment to motivate, recognize and

reward my team when they are winning. It has been huge in retaining my top talent. ”


Amanda Triolo CEO – Grasshopper Heating & Cooling

Contests and Prizes

It’s proven that people work hard when they have an opportunity to WIN something cool outside of standard pay. Let our easy to launch contests fuel competition and drive incremental revenue for your organization. We have access to the brands and items that people want.

  • Run contests to boost moral and drive revenue

  • We remove all the head aches of contests. (setting up, tracking and delivering prizes)

  • Use us to source and deliver all the prizes that people love (Yeti, Jordans, Beats headphones and 1,000 more items)


“CUES is critical in my business. I now have time to work “on” the business vs. “in” the business.

Plus getting notifications on when my employees hit goals is really cool."


Robert Castelao, CEO – Good Guy Plumbing


Live TV Leaderboards

Bring your employee goals, metrics and contests to life with real-time live leaderboards that can be displayed on TV’s, computers, tablets and mobile devices. It’s proven if you are not paying attention to the numbers your chances of hitting them decrease.

  • Department pacing leaderboards

  • Contest leaderboards

  • Employee score cards


“CUES has been a great employee recruitment and retention tool for us.

Plus my entire team is more engaged, motivated and producing 2X more“


Michelle Van Beek, COO - Comfort Now Air Conditioning and Heating

Employee Goal Setting and Pacing

You can not manage what you can not measure. Give your employees real-time visibility into their performance. Most people never hit their goals because they never know where they are pacing. We fix that.

  • Give employee goals

  • Show real time pacing at an employee level

  • View pacing across all your employees

  • Send person text or emails of encouragement and motivation


How it Works

Our solution requires no training and simply connects to your CRM. You or your employees do not have to input anything as we designed CUES to be consumption focussed, driving competitiveness, motivation and results.

Kick Off Call

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We integrate with your CRM, test and verify with you everything is perfect.


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We pick the date and time that you want to go live and then launch.


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