European Film Promotion (EFP) screens at two US venues

European Film Promotion (EFP) screens at two US venues

Dick Clark Screening Room EFP Los Angeles LA Oscars Laemmle Monica Celsius Entertainment Copenhagen Bombay Sales Doc & Film International Dutch Features Global Entertainment Eurociné Film Constellation HNFF World Sales Latido Films Loco Films Parkland Pictures Seven & Seven Producers' Sales Services The Yellow Affair WestEnd Films Woman at War Cold War films screenings Dogman Border Eldorado The Waldheim Waltz The Marriage

Set to take place at the Dick Clark Screening Room and the Laemmle Monica from 7-20 November, the European Film Promotion (EFP) will screen 25 European Oscar submissions at multiple locations for the first time. With the goal of facilitating easier access to European cinema for Academy members, journalists, US distributors, and international buyers, the EFP is actively engaged in promoting great works from this year. Among the titles are "Woman at War," "Cold War," featured in our August screening campaign, "Dogman," "Border," "Eldorado," "The Waldheim Waltz," and "The Marriage."

"The screenings are designed to highlight European productions among the 87 submissions for consideration in the Academy's Best Foreign Language Film category. Quite a few filmmakers and actresses and actors will be seizing the opportunity to present their films in person." - Cineuropa

Leading up to the event, EFP is participating at the American Film Market through 7 November. Giving opportunity for 13 sales agents from eight European countries to present over 68 productions. Participating companies include Celsius Entertainment, Copenhagen Bombay Sales, Doc & Film International, Dutch Features Global Entertainment, Eurociné, Film Constellation, HNFF World Sales, Latido Films, Loco Films, Parkland Pictures, Seven & Seven Producers' Sales Services, The Yellow Affair, and WestEnd Films. According to the EFP's website, " is essential that European world sales agents have the opportunity to travel annually to the US, to meet and discuss current and upcoming projects with their peers."

This event occurs at a time when Creative Europe, who funds EFP, announced its decision to cut Film Sales Support (FSS), in 2019. Such budgetary cuts caused more careful planning and limitations on who to include in trips to the US. According to Screendaily, some festival markets were taken off the table. "The reduced overall budget for FSS also means that the Tribeca Film Festival has had to be struck off the list of selected festivals and markets after being introduced as a pilot project in 2017..." Although it’s important international dialogues are generated, it seems collaboration is becoming less location specific as the world turns more and more digital.




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