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Positive Work Habits

Continue to develop and grow your company culture by propelling your team towards success through Cues full suite of gamification products.


Companies with highly engaged employees outperform their competitors by 147%.

Employee Goal Tracking & Pacing

Track, measure, and gamify critical metrics that move the needle for your business.

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Contests & Gamification

We take away the stress and burden away of creating and managing contests. We handle a variety of contest types. Here are our most popular contest types: Individual Goals, Winner Take All, Group Vs Group, and Brackets. 

Live Leaderboards

Real-time leaderboards with all your team’s metrics ranked and displayed on mobile, desktop or in your office anywhere you have a TV.

Incentives They Will Love

We custom curate incentive packs based on your companies DNA.  We only provide products and apparel that they will use and or wear.  The best part of it all is that we curate and ship them all for you.