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Celebrate the
Moments That Matter

Cues automates alerts to notify you when key moments happen, so that no accomplishment or significant milestone gets overlooked.

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The power of our platform is in our notification engine.

Everything you track and monitor has trigger events built in to allow you to be notified about the moments that matter to you.  These moments can be employee driven, culture driven or business driven.


Imagine being notified on all the things that are important to you that revolve around your business. Whether you are an owner, manager or an employee; Cues will always notify you in at the right time, so you can take action. 


Example notifications are:

• Birthdays

• Goal achievements

• Work Anniversaries

• Employee flight risks

• Best days

• Business vitals

• Promotions

• Google Reviews

• When someone deserves a high five

• When you are ahead or behind revenue targets

• And much more…

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